To whom it may concern:
This letter will introduce you to Andrea Kastner. She was born and raised in Germany but has been in the U.S. extensively over the last twenty years. Because of this, she is well aware of the differences in culture between North America and Europe and how to relate and work with people from both sides of the Atlantic. Her business experience has extended beyond the two continents listed above, but I’m sure she is better able to present you with her complete resume. My intent here is to offer a little insight into what she would be able to do for you and your company.
I first met Andrea in 1997 when we were entering into discussions with a German company to determine if we would market one of their products here. She provided us with the company’s background, handled the initial negotiations, and facilitated my subsequent trip to Germany to meet the people and tour their facilities. She understood the nuances of both marketplaces, the similarities of our business and backgrounds, and more importantly, the differences in our thinking that had to be overcome if we were to have a successful partnership.
Several years into the relationship, she was also pressed into service again to rectify some personnel and operating problems that had developed within the German company’s new facility here. During that time, she also accompanied me on a difficult and very touchy service call to one of our customers in the southeast, where she acquitted herself very well.
Andrea has done her homework. She understands the markets and the local people in the marketing areas. She also has the background to quickly gain the product knowledge required to support the marketing activities. She can spot potential problem areas and help you steer around them. She knows the proper steps to take to set up a remote marketing operation and what kind of an organization that is required to support it. If partnerships with local companies are required, she has the contacts and knowledge to set those in motion.

In short, if your plan is to set up an international marketing operation, Andrea can do a lot to get you started along the proper path. As someone who has not only studied as well as taught the procedures, but has actually put them into practice, she can prevent your company from making some costly mistakes in implementation and help you succeed in your long term goals.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

Paul Miner / SVP Sales