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Global Executive Recruiting – Why we are the best ones out there


Global executive recruiting is a term that has been used by many and executed by very few. Recruiting the right candidate in local market places is already a very challenging endeavor, but what does global executive recruiting mean? Calling a partner in another country and share the fees on finding the right candidate? That’s what others do and we have suffered with and from the consequences of these placements.

Unhappy or misplaced candidates that does not meet the expectations of the corporation cause trouble. Trouble causes a corporation to lose money and efficiency. That’s why they hire change management consultants to come in and change for the better.

What are these consultants changing for the better?

Sometimes it is the understanding of each other in an international setting, but oftentimes it discovers that the candidate is not a great fit for the requirements of the job description. The reason is the lack of knowledge of the local terminology and methodology of the search that needs to be adjusted for a truly successful international search. All of that is just the beginning as the terminology in a local search already bears a lot of traps in itself. When one head hunter talks to his partner in another country they can potentially translate the terms and adapt them to the local search, but can they truly understand and confirm that the term that was used to write up the job description was truly what the client had in mind? Does the client know that the requirements and personality traits for a position in another country might be different to what they are accustomed to and have been successful with for many years? We can honestly say, no. Most do not have this in mind as they are unaware of the necessity to know. Executive recruiters do not know either as they have not worked in both worlds and acted as ‘field agents’ in many cases to experience what it means to deal with a person who just simply is not in the right place. Not to talk about the investment made for the hire itself, the training and the loss of revenue.

For decades we have been asked to ‘re-home’ employees that were wrongly positioned, find new ones and help the ones suffering through their assignments.

Our professional recruiting team will now offer not only to find the right candidate, but also make sure that the candidate and the enterprise will match long term. During the term of the probation, we will coach the candidate and the corporation to translate and bridge every day cultural business into an understandable language that will lead both parties into success. Hiring is an expansive endeavor, training as well. The initial investment will not go to waste with this proven track record of success.

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