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Sales Support

When there is a discrepancy between the revenue your products achieve in your home country versus the results you are currently achieving in your subsidiary.

We offer:

  • Business and Sales Analysis
  • Distribution Analysis
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Training of personnel
  • Adaptation of cultural aspects in every day operation management
  • Troubleshooting

We offer all of our services on an interim management basis as well.

Sales and Marketing

It takes many elements to make a product or service successful. Whether you operate a corporation or a non for profit organization.  We create and implement the strategy that we developed together with you and your customers! Our work is done when your sales increased and you can count on customer retention.

Design work  Letterhead, business cards, flyer, promotion, web site creation

Tradeshow , event and exhibition, design, management, training and execution

Telephone marketing – lead generation

Customer retention and satisfaction campaigns

Public Relation campaigns, press release, press conference




We are all about facts and suggest to take a look at the actual market potential in each country before investing time and money in opening your own subsidiary. We offer:

  • Market analysis, market size, market volume, market potential
  • Strategic analysis based upon research on competitive analysis
  • Distribution analysis

Not all products sell in every country equally well. Cultural differences play an important role in every aspect of the venture. Research will show and allow adaptation before sales and marketing investments need to be made.

Allow us to help you determine whether your products are ready for another market!

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