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International Sales support

Global Expansion made easy – International Sales Support starts with an in depth analysis of the market and distribution situation. Most corporations go by the distributor that chose them and are thrilled to announce their new venture. Others invest a lot of money with or without government support to open a subsidiary abroad. Usually this happens based upon some interest they sparked on a trade show participation or by visiting a trade show themselves trading business cards. Now they talk, money and conditions regarding the immediate exchange of products and services, logistics and marketing. People get hired or put into positions that all of a sudden include a liaison position that they did not know they had and that the hiring authority did not include in the job description either.  Success in international sales is highly dependent on market knowledge from a global perspective. What works in the home country might not work in the host country. Most corporation don’t even think about their subsidiary as being hosted in another country.  In addition to all traditional sales and marketing efforts that are not limited to business analysis, sales and marketing analysis, market research, distribution analysis, operation integration, office and business set up, adaptation of cultural aspects into every day operation, financial analysis, regulatory requirements, warranty and guarantee requirements, spare part warehousing, training of personnel, trade show participation, lead generation, follow up, design of business papers, adaptation of corporate identity internationally and branding, the cultural adaptation is a highly underestimated factor in a business success or failure.

All steps are equally important and we are experienced to find the potential weakness. The improvements were not only immediately visible but resulted in tremendous sales and revenue improvement.

We work on a project basis,  interim management or troubleshooting assignment.

We will find the part in a well designed engine that needs adjustment or help you design the engine in the first place.

Marketing creative

Marketing creative is a number of services that is handled differently in every international operation. In Europe the creation and design part in collaboration with marketing and sales will be handled by agencies that focus on nothing but that. In the USA creation and design agencies are called ad agencies and they will also handle the advertisement part which agencies in Europe do not necessarily do and oftentimes outsource. Another factor are pr-agencies here in the US that handle the marketing strategy part, business development and press releases. With the structure of a European corporation being to different from the ones in the US – misunderstandings are already embedded in the differences of how this type of business gets handled.  We only talk structure here, we are not talking business yet. How would anyone think that with the structure being so different from each other, topic at hand will be handled according to the expectations of the business owner or management. Many moons ago, we discovered that changing the structure of an industry is an impossible thing to do so our solution is simple but efficient:

We suggest to focus on your customer!

What does the customer want, appreciate and need. We will then adapt all necessary tools and steps that are required to accomplish this very specific goal by utilizing our experience in local market places and will help a corporation or non for profit organization to adjust to the local market. We want it to be smoothly and without transition issues.

As traditional European origin marketers, we design a corporate identity with the company success in mind.

With international branding in mind, we will design logo, letterheads, business cards, flyer, promotional material for events and we design web sites.

We organize and design trade shows in the US as well as the very much different designs of an international trade show participation in Europe and Germany in particular. Product placement together with choosing the right platform for your product presentation is our forte. We will design the booth, train the personnel for lead generation and we will be there to help you understand your customer in a different global setting. As a trained telephone marketing executive, we develop phone transcripts to either generate leads for you or follow up on trade show leads.

A successful trade show participation requires a lot of elements that commonly are underestimated. Our pr service that does not only include a new product announcement, but also organizing press conferences, from invitation to execution. Hiring speakers or being a speaker. We make sure that the goal is accomplished. Hands on | Hands down

We believe in customer retention once we have accomplished the sophisticated topic to acquire new clients for you.

Excellent customer retention is the secret of successful business operations and there is not difference internally or from a cultural perspective.

Customer retention is truly globally transferable.



Resourceful Research Internationally is a very complex field.

Common market research with all its tools and measures does not help internationally. Understanding market specifics, in addition to all common known basics We are all about facts and acquire to make sure our clients understand the local market opportunities. Understanding a foreign market place entails many aspects.

We are all about facts and suggest to take a look at the actual market potential in each country before investing time and money in opening your own subsidiary. We offer:

  • Market analysis, market size, market volume, market potential
  • Strategic analysis based upon research on competitive analysis
  • Distribution analysis
  • Distribution marketing strategy short term, medium term and long term

Not all products sell in every country equally well. Cultural differences play an important role in every aspect of the venture. Research will show and allow adaptation before sales and marketing investments need to be made.

Allow us to help you determine whether your products are ready for another market!

The definition of market readiness is often times determined by market availability and out of the control of business owners or executives. To understand and except this takes a lot of seniority. It is simply defined by the market and not by the people analyzing it or the product manager trying to push it.

Sometimes it just takes a small adjustment in the product appearance or the product features that change the sell ability of a product. Factors that all determine success or failure. It can be as simple as a color change and oftentimes it can be so incremental that a market entry is by no means advisable.

In all scenarios cultural aspects are the key factors to determine a product or service success. How to find and analyze them with regards to your product specifics is our expertise.

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Creating a better environment with international business success

Creating a better environment with international business success

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